Nats Recaps: Doghouse's WPA Posts + More

Washington, D.C. resident Doghouse takes a look at how each game was decided, play-by-play, pitch-by pitch

Game 105 WPA: Roark the stopper. Nats 4, Fish 3


This time the team comes through for a guy who goes 7 innings and gives up one run.

Game 104 WPA: Leave 'em loaded. Nats 0, Fish 3


I hate this game.

Game 103 WPA: Find a way to lose. Nats 6, Fish 7


This game ended about as badly as any game has ended this whole season.

Game 102 WPA: D1NK3RZ!!! Nats 4, Reds 2


The Nats unleash a hail of walks of base hits to blast out a resounding win in the Cincy bandbox.

Game 99 WPA: Meh. Nats 4, Rox 6


The Nats were not great in this game. I wouldn't say it was a quality loss.

Game 98 WPA: It's a comeback. Nats 7, Rox 4


The Nats have a nice comeback win, but Zim tweaks something. Let's hope it's not serious.

Game 97 WPA: Power up the middle. Nats 7, Rox 2


Desi and Espi get some hits, Fister and the bullpen get some outs. Good game.

Game 96 WPA: Jayson's Werth it. Nats 5, MIL 4


Werth came through in the 9th. Boy, did he.

Game 95 WPA: Flipside. Nats 8, MIL 3


This game was a lot like last night's, except it all turned out better.

Game 94 WPA: Trim! Nats 2, MIL 4


Okay outing, okay hitting, terrible BABIP and sequencing. Stupid Nats, BE LUCKIER!!


Game 92 WPA: SUPERMOON (part 2) Nats 10, FF 3


Werth continues to rake at Nats Park North, and Roark keeps throwing quality innings.

Game 91 WPA: Let them eat Tastykakes. Nats 5, FF 3


Werth had a hand in 4 of the Nats' 5 runs tonight. Good job.

Game 91 WPA: Aaaah! Nats 2, FF 6


Do. Not. Want.

Game 90 WPA: Do you like gladiator movies? L 3-4


Gio battled, but walks will get ya. The Nats had chances at the plate, but LOB will get ya. We got got.

Instant Op: You won't believe this strike zone


It didn't cost the Nats anything, but this is some terrible home plate umpiring right here.

Game 89 WPA: Alone in first. Nats 6, Others 2


Fister as good enough, as were the bats. D1NG3RZ!!

Game 88 WPA: Let's go Mets! Nats 2, Others 8


This was an okay game until it got really, really not-OK.

Game 87 WPA: Nails bitten. Nats 2, Cubs 1


That was quite a bit of excitement. Except for Sori, who was painlessly lights-out, like always.

Game 86 WPA: BP. Nats 13, Cubs 0


Save some for tomorrow, Nats!

Game 85 WPA: Happy 4th. Nats 2, Cubs 7


Not a great outing for Roark, but passable if the offense had been there. It wasn't.

Game 84 WPA: Another laffer? Nats 4, Rox 3


It's possible this game was more interesting than I'm letting on.

Game 83 WPA: Good-Boring. Nats 7, Rox 1


Not every game has to be exciting. They can just be wins sometimes.

Game 82 WPA: Desi!! Nats 7, Rox 3


Desmond hit a big 3-run double, and nothing else interesting happened around this game.

Game 81 WPA: Bench win. Nats 7, Cubs 2


McLouth, Frandsen, and Detwiler are the nightcap's unexpected standouts. You go, Matty.

Game 80 WPA: Rendone! Nats 3, Cubs 0


Gio threw a gen and Rendon got all teh hitz.

Game 79: A møøse once bit my sister. DC 2, CHC 7


None of it makes any sense, right?

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