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The Advisory Opinion series

Last offseason, I made an effort (or something resembling one) to evaluate every prospective member of the inaugural outfit of the Washington Nationals. I called this series the Nat of the Day. (Oh, the formatting!) I made it through about five Nat-o'-the-Days before significantly backsliding on the project; finally, sometime around mid-February, I dropped it.

Well, I want to do something like that this season, too---only, you know, finish the project. Hence, welcome to the Advisory Opinion series. In this series, I'll field one hypothetical question---hypothetical, I say, because I doubt Jim Bowden or whoever will run the team really cares about my opinion in reality, of course---and address it in (truncated) advisory opinion format. I'll respond to one question for each player, and the question could be of a variety of natures: contractual ("Should be offer X arbitration?"), personnel ("Is X really the Y of the future?"), mortal ("Does X really deserve to breathe up some of Mother Earth's valuable oxygen?").

While I anticipate I'll come up with most of the questions on which I'll eventually advise, I'm certainly open to reader suggestions/submissions here.

So, stating tomorrow---or . . . whenever---we'll get to the subject of our first '06 Advisory Opinion ("AO-06-01"), Preston Wilson. Better get to him while he's still a Nat, right?!