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Insane, got no brain

Come, and join me on my search for "[s]ome members of the media." Just because I'm curious, and you should be too . . .

From Rocket Bill Ladson's latest mailbag:

[Q] It is common knowledge that Cristian Guzman had his worst season in 2005. Is there any chance that he could be replaced during the offseason? -- Chris M., Cape Cod, Mass.

[A] It's going to be hard to replace Guzman because of his huge contract. I expect Guzman to be the starting shortstop on Opening Day. Some members of the media have mentioned Ian Desmond as a possible replacement, but the organization feels that he is not ready to hit big-league pitching.

While it's a relief to know that the organization feels no need to rush Desmond---a kid who hasn't yet learned to control the strike zone and who, for all this promise, was about the third-best position player prospect on his High-A ball club---I'm interested, just out of morbid curiosity, which media members are obscenely idiotic enough to entertain the thought that Desmond might be ready to handle the majors.

Let me take a big guess: these guys (and/or gals) were really, really impressed with Desmond's performance during spring training, right?