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U.S. Delegate to the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunications Union

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That's what Jeff Smulyan was in 1994. Sounds interesting! Anyway, also back in 1994 (or perhaps as recently as this August), I was pretty well up on the Nats Ownership Derby. I mean, I was but a humble observer, but at least I was an active one.

I'm not so active on the ownership observation front anymore, I suppose, so it's a wonderful thing that Just a Nats Fan is on the beat. MissChatter, JaNF's proprietor, gives us the straight dope on Smulyan's Friday interview on WTOP radio. From MissChatter's write-up, it looks like Smulyan was playing the evasive/equivocal two-step with many of the questions, but it was interesting to me that apparently he's made no attempt to partner up with baseball insider Stan Kasten, who is theoretically still a bidder and is thought to be a sort of white knight for an enterprising ownership group out there.

Also, check out MissChatter's financial solicitation to Nats Derby pretender Franklin "Dulles Express" Haney---who, we hope, is a big fan of lighthouses. Quid pro quo!


In the interest of equal time, I'll note that OMG and Nationals Interest both hate the Damian Jackson signing. I confess, if Jamey Carroll's not likely to make $700,000 in arbitration---reportedly the amount Jackson received---then I won't really like the trade-off if Carroll is rendered expendable.

UPDATE! According to his comment to this post, DM from Nats Blog was once a delegate at an ITU conference. Excellent! While we're at it, check out DM's "in-a-box"-type analysis of Frank Robinson, using the criteria of the late, great sportswriter Leonard Koppett (whose memoir I thoroughly enjoyed and one day will review here). While I'm on the subject, both DM's blog-mate/White Sox enthusiast SuperNoVa and Capitol Punishment pick apart a dubiously-premised Thomas Boswell column. (Dubiously-premised? Boz? Nah.)