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Thom Loverro's "Intern Boy" of the Day, Nov. 14

Lovero's Law: if you're thirty-five, you're too young. In this multi-part series, we apply Thom's principle to industries outside of baseball:


Name: Nancy Montano

Company: Los Angeles Pumping (founded 2004)

Age: 22

The Skinny: Nancy Montano always dreamed of having her own business -- and so did her father, Conrad. When she graduated from University of California, Riverside, she partnered with Dad to launch Los Angeles Pumping, a hazardous-waste transporting company.

Since then, she has returned to school and will get a certificate in hazardous materials and waste management from California State University, Northridge, in December, 2005.

The company's biggest success, says Montano, was climbing out of debt this year. The company expects revenues to reach $150,000 this year. Montano's goal: To grow this family business as big as its million-dollar competitors.

Young. Female. Attractive. Hazardous waste. Help from Poppa.

Why, it's Theo Epstein all over again! (Except for the "female, attractive, and hazardous materials" parts and stretching Larry Lucchino into the "Poppa" role. Well, come to think of it, Dan Shaughnessy might be considered hazardous waste . . .)