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"Patent nonsense"

Bob Dupuy has already been called "a lying sack of crap" today. I'm not sure I can beat that description, and try I will not. Instead, in case it's not patently clear how Dupuy and the rest of the Seligulans operate, permit me to demonstrate for a moment.

In today's Washington Times, reporter Tim Lemke (NOW COVERING THE MIDDLE INFIELD!) reports and quotes Dupuy thusly:

A top Major League Baseball official yesterday dismissed criticism that delays in naming a new owner for the Washington Nationals are hindering the team's ability to attract free agents and insisted the team can be competitive in 2006.
    During a break in meetings with MLB owners, league president and chief operating officer Bob DuPuy insisted the time line for naming a Nationals owner would have no bearing on the team's success.
    "All of that is patent nonsense," DuPuy said of the criticism, which was levied last week by Nationals manager Frank Robinson and some city officials. "The team is being professionally and competently managed, and it has been throughout. Tony Tavares is a wonderful and experienced baseball executive who did a wonderful job. We won't drop a beat with regard to the operation of the team."

"Patent nonsense," eh? If the truth he speaks is so "patent," why not explain it to us like we're a bunch of six year-olds? You know, step-by-step; it's nice to know he's got confidence in Tavares, but how 'bout he humor us here---just to make sure we're on the same page.

Oh, that's right! The criticisms are patent nonsense:

Patent (adj.): open, obvious.

To wit:

  • "Why, that's nonsense! Here, I'll tell you folks why . . . "
  • "Why, that's patent nonsense! It's so obvious, I don't even need to bother explaining it, you doofusi!"
So, if the criticisms are patent nonsense, as Dupuy claims, there's no need even to explain them away. That's clearly Dupuy's posture: Eh . . . look over there at Tavares. He's doing great! [footsteps, sound of car speeding off] If there's any correlation between degree of guilt harbored and ridiculousness of defense mechanism employed, under normal circumstances I would guess that the Seligulans are operating with a heavy heart concerning the matter of the Washington Nationals. However, insofar as these guys possess neither heart nor soul nor conscience, I am willing to agree that Bob Dupuy---to say nothing of the rest of his gang---is merely "a lying sack of crap."

Currently, we sit a week before Thanksgiving, and the club has no owner---by which I mean a real owner. We're coming up on some rather significant transactional deadlines, we have some free agents who are raring to bolt, we have some free agents who might otherwise be willing to drop by, and we have a general manager who has used the offseason to solicit himself to one, two, three, and perhaps four or five different teams. Should the new owner decide that this is not the man for the job, another executive armed with the new owner's vision and checkbook cannot assume the big chair, BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEW OWNER!!!!

Not only is this franchise in a taxi pattern around the runway, but neither the tower nor the gate is answering the radio.

The only patent nonsense associated with this entire situation is the silly notion that Bud Selig and his gang have displayed one shred of integrity in any respect. And, because such a notion would be patently nonsensical, I need not even offer a rebuttal.


On the other end of the word usage spectrum, we have this post at Oleanders. There have been perhaps a thousand Simpsons references offered by the Natosphere, probably half by me, since they started work on our not-so gated community, but never has anyone been so apt with one as Harper is here.