Sickels Readers: Nats System the Worst

Over at John Sickels's place, the commenters (with John's concurrence) have dubbed the Nats' minor league system the worst in the majors.

Here's the discussion:
Worst Farm System Poll

And here's the announcement of the results:
1st Annual S.S. Poseidon Award

I don't know enough to nitpick about other systems, but it's pretty hard to argue with the conclusion.  I'm looking forward to seeing Zimmerman next year, but there's nothing else to get even a little bit excited about.  Maybe Casto, but he's a ways away at this point.

And as an astute commenter pointed out, the system will get even better when Bowden costs us our early picks by signing Juan Encarnacion and Matt Morris (or someone similar).  

(Given the Nats' record, I'm not sure whether signing an "A" player -- Morris is, but Encarnacion isn't -- would cost a first or second round pick; the top 15 teams surrender a 1st, while the bottom 15 surrender a 2nd, and the Nats and Brewers tied for 15th with a .500 record.  In any case, though, the Nats aren't in a position to be surrendering any kind of pick for crappy, overpaid and overrated free agents.  But it looks like that's the route we're going.)

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