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Thom Loverro's "Intern Boy" of the Day, Nov. 9

Lovero's Law: if you're thirty-five, you're too young. In this multi-part series, we apply Thom's principle to industries outside of baseball:


Name: Ryan Pieter Middleton Allis (with a name that long, he's got to be old!)
Company: Broadwick Corp. (founded 2003)
Age: 21
The Skinny: Broadwick is the provider of the e-mail marketing software IntelliContact, which allows companies and nonprofits to create, send, and track permission-based e-mail newsletters and surveys through an on-demand Web-based application. The company boasts more than 3,000 clients, including Super 8 Motel, International Paper, and Re/Max. Allis has 21 employees and monthly sales of $130,000. The company is adding at least 300 new clients each month. Allis himself has received attention in the press for his work and success at such a young age.

That's got to be in error. I bet you he's nothing more than an intern, tops---probably a bicycle courier.