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Operation: FLAHERTY!

While Bodes is sitting around, this is percolating:

The Red Sox have been in contact with the representatives for John Flaherty, whom the Yankees are letting go.


We've already dodged one bullet, as Todd Pratt signed with the Braves. Look, the stats suggest Pratt is a better backup catcher than my boy Flash. Then again, as has been said about criticisms of Soriano's OBP, stats can say anything you want them to say. Well, I say John Flaherty is a better fit for the Nats. Strike that---John Flaherty is the best fit for the Nats.

You don't believe me? Well, check out this comment from "Miles" at a DCist discussion on the Soriano trade:

I would care about D.C. Professional Baseball or any other professional sports for that matter, if the players were actually from D.C. But as the article states, this guy came from the Yankees and Texas why should anyone in D.C. have loyalty to him or the Nats?


As noted previously, Flaherty is one of four former George Washington Colonials to play Major League Baseball. (Incidentally, I guess I'm one of few former George Washington Colonials to blog Major League Baseball. Is there an alumni organization to this effect?) Not only that, but Flash gives back to his DC fundamentals; for instance, he was a guest speaker at the winter 2003-04 baseball camp. Flaherty is the tie we need to attact the Mileses(eseses) of the DCist set.

You don't believe me? And you don't believe Miles? Then you can take it up with big George himself:

I support the "DC" in DC Baseball, Bodes. Do you?