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Down with amplitude modulation!

DCRTV "hears" that the Z-104 FM would serve as the exclusive flagship of the, eh, burgeoning Nats Radio Network. I suppose airing day games on an AM station powered by a car lighter was less than ideal. Why didn't anyone complain before now?!

Of course, DCRTV Dave couches this rumor with the phrase if the Nationals stay in DC in 2006, which makes me suspect he might lack a certain elementary grasp of the situation.

Speaking of which, he probably "hears" this rumor from none other than his buddy Jim Williams, who---and I hate to belabor the point too much---is the sports gossip columnist equivalent of the headbanger high school guy with the mullet and peach-fuzz 'stache who got a twelve on the calculus quiz, only because that's how much successfully writing his name in the top right corner counted.

One more note: Dave teases---for probably the millionth time---that maybe Z-104 will drop the low-rated music and go with sports talk full-time. I actually quite like the DCRTV website, and have for probably five years, but I just don't see this happening, for too many reasons to mention.