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Note about the Natsmas Miracle

I nearly posted it all on Christmas Eve, but decided to hold off on Part Two until Christmas Day, figuring it's happy ending might fit with the Christmas theme . . . and because I hadn't really finished yet.

Well, lo and behold it's now December 27, and I still haven't had the time to put the finishing touches on it. No, its ken is not yet sufficiently recondite. But it will be soon!

And I'll figure out how to manipulate the date so it looks like I posted it on Christmas Day. ;-)

(In the meantime, I'd like to offer my tepid support for a Ramon Ortiz signing---which, compared to my inclination on the remaining free agent starters, is actually rousing support. I'd also be fascinated by B.J. "Bjunny" Kim, if only to see exactly when Frobby would resign in frustration after all the walks . . . )