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Makes sense to me!

Bowden -- while careful not to discuss the Soriano deal specifically, because it is not yet official, and MLB rules prohibit officials from commenting on other teams' personnel -- played down the possibility of a conflict over the player being asked to move to the outfield. Bowden compared the situation to Alex Rodriguez's acceptance of a move to third base when he was traded to the New York Yankees before the 2004 season.

"We don't always get [to play] the exact positions we want sometimes," Bowden said before leaving Thursday. "But you do what's best for the organization to win. There will be unhappy people, but our job is to win. . . . A lot can happen between now and spring training."

Maybe I underestimate the espirit de corps imbued in a guy who hasn't yet reported to his team, or who has been quoted as saying "[o]f course I'm not going to play the outfield," or who apparently seeks to remain at second base because he'd command more money as a free agent, but . . .

. . . I've been wrong before.

Always be prepared, though, and in a double-keystone-keeper contingency we had better think about dealing the ol' GimpBot5000, Jose Vidro. Thankfully, Banks of the Anacostia (now with shorter name!) is on the case. Recommendation: Royals.


Well, it's Friday, and that means happy thoughts. So keep a chin up. Good things come to those who wait---or who make demands of teams before they've actually reported to teams.

Or even to those who plan position switches for newly-acquired players before running the idea by the players themselves . . .

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