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Today was a good day, didn't even have to trade my Bill Bray

A new mantra for Cap'n Leatherpants: discretion is the better part of valor:

According to one industry source, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry narrowed his focus for a Corey Patterson trade to the Orioles and Washington Nationals. The Nationals, however, refused to include left-handed reliever Bill Bray, while also picking up Patterson's full salary. Patterson, who made $2.8 million last year, is entering his second year of arbitration and is under the Orioles' control through 2007. -- Baltimore Sun

Thanks, SI---I mean, Baltimore Sun!

There are certain players and properties you can relinquish for the right to acquire a guy coming off a .254 on-base percentage season:

  • C-grade prospects
  • D-grade prospects
  • shares in HealthSouth
  • a burnt-out shack
  • Hugh Downs' prostate
But there's something you don't deal: your first-round pick from 18 months ago.

Good boy, Bodes. We might not be respectful or fair in the Natosphere, buddy, but we recognize non-stupidity.