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Death by checkbook?

Breaking rumor at DCRTV:

We're hearing that Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos has reached an agreement with area cable TV giant Comcast about selling all or a portion of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. A potential $300 million deal. Paving the way for Comcast to start carrying the channel, which features many Washington Nationals games. Last year, Comcast, which runs the competing Comcast SportsNet, filed a lawsuit against MASN and refused to carry the network.....


As Drudge would say, developing . . .


The blurb below the one above (does that make sense?) at DCRTV is pretty startling in itself: turns out Dave Marash, an ABC reporter, will be joining Al-Jazeera's DC bureau.

Why is this a baseball topic? Well . . . guess why! (Hint: It's something from fifteen years ago.)

Update [2006-1-13 19:45:27 by Basil]: And now DCRTV is pulling the "Whoopsies" card:

However, by early Friday evening, MASN told DCRTV that there is no deal. Nada. Nunca. Zilch. "Given the fan interest in the Nationals and the Orioles, MASN expects that all of the region's cable and satellite distributors will want to carry the games in 2006. As for the rumor, it is preposterous," said MASN spokesman Todd Webster.

(Thanks to one of the Anonymous Heroes for pointing this out in the comments.)

He was the first host of the regular Sunday Baseball Tonight show on ESPN, back in 1990.