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We repeat the rumors that have already been "reported"; you decide

Yet again from DCRTV:

DCRTV hears that "insiders say" that Mel Procter will not be back on the Nationals TV broadcasts in 2006.....

Hmmm. Well, for one thing, it's Proctor. While that's just a quibble, I figure---especially in light of yesterday's frisson of joy---we might as well track down a possible source of this rumor.

So, taking a look at the mailbag, we have---

Does anyone know if Mel Procter is going handle the broadcasting duties on TV for the Nats again this year?

. . . followed by---

Insiders say that Mel Procter will not be back on the Nats' TV broadcasts in 2006.

At the very least, we can presume that's the origin of the misspelling, . . .

Please understand that I don't mean to denigrate DCRTV Dave, who's had a great site for a number of years now. And I recognize that many (most?) of Dave's scoops come from the mailbag. Plus, just because some MASN flak denies yesterday's rumor doesn't mean the sale to Comcast will never come to fruition.

But we'll keep Proctor penciled in on Nats TV for now.


Speaking of Proctor, how would you characterize his voice? I'm going with good range/deep masculine to soft and sensitive.

Update [2006-1-15 15:54:39 by Basil]: DCRTV has now fleshed out the blurb:

DC Examiner sports media columnist Jim Williams tells us that "we do not yet know if Mel will be back. MASN was pleased with his work but club officials had some issues with his style. So while I don't think he will be back it is just a bit premature to write him off." Look for more in Jim's Monday column.....

I wonder if the club officials didn't appreciate Proctor giving out his cell phone number during broadcasts . . .