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Big Dumb Rex

St. Barry, presumably while in line to buy a neat Winter Olympics parka, penned a light report on all the recent news that's fit to print with respect to Washington Nationals R/TV:

  • the Nats are about to announce the hiring of Dave Jageler;
  • they're pretty certain to be on that Washington Post Radio dealie;
  • it looks like, as initially rumored at, Mel Proctor won't be invited back on the television side;
  • interestingly, Bang Zoom Slowes might pick up the slack by doing his Jim Hunter/Fred Manfra impression, "toggl[ing]" between the radio and TV sides; and . . .
Former Cincinnati Reds reliever Rob Dibble could be in the running for the color job on TV.

Ah, but is Dibble egregious with the media?