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Patterson Avenue

Tip o' the blogging hat to Banks of the Anacostia, who yesterday noted the Corey Patterson rumors-a-plenty, some of which circle around the Nats. (The Orioles and two other teams are also reportedly interested in Two-Fifty-Four's services.)

Based on the two links provided by Banks, here and here, as well as two links from Sunday, here and here, I think we can make five observations:

  1. The Cubs plan on trading Patterson in the next few days.
  2. The Nationals are reportedly one of the suitors for Patterson's services (or at least one of the Cubs' targets for a trade).
  3. Frank Robinson reportedly is an admirer of Patterson's.
  4. The Cubs would like to deal for Alfonso Soriano.
  5. To date, no Washington media outlet has reported on a possible deal involving Patterson.
Because it appears likely the Cubs will trade second baseman Todd Walker, and because they presumably would not be content with a Neifi Perez/Jerry Hairston platoon at the keystone, they appear to be in the market for a second baseman. Unlike Jim Williams' goofy Jose Vidro-for-Kerry Wood rumor last month, though, the Chicago papers do not seem to be mentioning Vidro as a target of the Cubs. Instead, it seems to be Soriano whom the Cubbies seek. Which leads to two more observations, both of course gleaned from sources outside DC:
  1. The Cubs would appear to be willing to toss in pitcher Jerome Williams, considered expendable in Chicago, to round out a Soriano-for-Patterson deal.
  2. For their part, the Nats would not accept an offer for Soriano unless it involved a top starter.
Still a mess, no doubt, but I think that once we cut through some of the noise we hit a dead end, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphors. I was just about to take a deeper look at Patterson, but it's getting late and I'm not going to bother.

If you want my opinion, I think Patterson's headed to Baltimore.