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Girardi: "Thanks but . . . no thanks"

The Post reports Joe Girardi has removed himself from consideration for the Nats' managerial opening, and it provides quotes straight from Girardi as evidence:

"I was very impressed, very impressed with Jim and Stan, the organization, the new stadium, the Lerners," Girardi said in a telephone interview. "I think it's a great ownership group, and the situation is going to be very good. I think it's a wonderful job. But I think I came to the conclusion at this time that it's not the right move for my family."

. . . "We just moved [to Miami ten months ago]," he said. "This was a tough decision, but for my family, it's the right one."

That sounds pretty official to me. And now, I suspect Girardi will a) do television work or b) serve as one of Joe Torre's coaches . . . right out of his home in Miami!

Anyway, the Post notes:

  • Cecil Cooper and Joey Cora are out of the running (informed last week that they didn't make the first cut);
  • Dusty Baker's candidacy is "at best, dormant";
  • Manny Acta, making the interviewing rounds, will stop by the Nation's Cap this week;
  • Tony Pena and Terry Pendleton are still viable candidates (although, the Post conveys, "it's unclear whether Pendleton would want to leave his three children in suburban Atlanta to pursue a job elsewhere");
  • And "it's possible there are other candidates who have not been publicly identified"---which I'm tempted to surmise yet again means "Davey Johnson," but I'll finally give up the ghost on that one.
I suppose it's time I engage in a serious consideration of these managerial possibilities, but . . . nah, not tonight. Instead, check out this cool OMG post. Of course, only one of those guys---Pena---is probably still viable. Check it out anyway.

* * * *

In other news---which is to say, the tag paragraph(s) of the same article---the Post reports that the Nats haven't contacted Frank Robinson about any job within the organization as of yet. Frank's response? Essentially, Sure, I'd listen if the Lernastens called. And I think they should call.