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Dateline: Elias Sports Bureau

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According to, the Elias player rankings have been released. (Obligatory hat tip to Lone Star Ball.) These rankings are important, because they determine Type A and B free agent compensation. Among Rangers, obviously Carlos Lee is a Type A free agent. Of more immediate interest, Vicente Padilla is a Type B, and Adam Eaton is a Type C.

At this moment, has not posted a similar story listing Nats free agents, but I'll keep a look out to see if it does so tonight. By the way, both Robert Fick and Jose Guillen filed for free agency today.

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Update [2006-10-31 22:26:52 by Basil]: And here we are. Quite a long list; obviously, this is everybody. Among Nats who are now free agents:

  • Alfonso Soriano: A
  • Jose Guillen: B
  • Ramon Ortiz: B
  • Tony Armas: C
  • Robert Fick: NR(?)
Maybe someone will pick up Ortiz, hoping for the revival the Nats hoped for ten months ago. Or maybe he'll re-sign with the Nats at a low cost and show his gratitude by giving something resembling quality innings. I'm curious about Guillen; maybe someone will take a flier.

Oh, and before I forget: Awesome, this is.