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An Interview With The Perm

Reports indicate Don Sutton, formerly of the TBS gang, has emerged as the frontrunner to replace Tom Paciorek as MASN's color guy for the Nats. This is very exciting news, and as such, it is safe to surmise Mr. Sutton is unavailable to be interviewed for something so insignificant as an internet weblog. But his long-time familiar, The Perm, is more availing. Given Mr. Sutton himself acknowledges The Perm, we consider it something akin to an unofficial spokesman. Thus, Federal Baseball was lucky enough to learn The Perm ageed to share a few minutes of its time:

Federal Baseball ("FB"): So, DC then?

The Perm ("TP"): I can't confirm or deny.

FB: Well, what about the possibility?

TP: DC is a nice place. Atlanta is a nice place. They each have their great points. They're different, but have similarities, too. DC can be very humid. But Atlanta also has very humid mornings. You work in a place six months out of the year and you notice things like humidity. It's hot enough in that booth as it is! Sticky, frizzy, hard to manage! But you've got to work through that and keep battling. I think DC would be great.

FB: What do you know of MASN play-by-play man Bob Carpenter?

TP: One of the best. Professional. Very smooth. Knows how to comb through the scorebook for the best insights. Plus, he's stable and steady. I have a feeling he'll be permanent for the job, if you know what I mean.

FB: Don's been with Skip and Pete and Joe for a number of years. Do you think it will be difficult for him to adjust to a new broadcast partner?

TP: Oh, it will take a little while to work out the kinks. Sure. But they're professionals in that booth. They might get into hairy situations sometimes, but they have style.

FB: What do you think about the Nats?

TP: I think we'd all like to see a lot of Curly W's! {laughs}

FB: Definitely, definitely. But it looks like wins might be hard to come by this coming season.

TP: That's why you play the games. Stan Kasten is conditioning this team for something better. Sure, some days these kids will get banged around, but in a few years the talent will be really full-bodied and lustrous. It will be time to shine.

FB: What do you think about the pitching staff?

TP: We'll have to wait and see. We could talk to and fro about the kids, but we'll have to see how they fare come the spring. They have to prove themselves. Every day. Rinse and repeat.

FB: Some people claim Kasten and the Lerners are taking an overly cheap approach this offseason---not only letting Soriano walk, which was inevitable, but not targeting any free agent pitchers. What do you think?

TP:: I think a lot of people are getting into a lather over this. Even in a good year, teh free agent market is thick and dense. You can get lost in there! This offseason? No way. Set it and forget it. Stan could try to make some permanent waves, but what would that accomplish right now? Sometimes you just have to have patience and let things gel.