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Wayne Krivsky gets litiggy with it

Remember when Gary Majewski used to pitch for the Nats? Remember when the Nats traded Majewski to the Cincinnati Reds, as part of Wayne Krivsky's Great Bullpen Synthesis of 2006? Remember when Majewski stunk up the joint immediately after coming to the Reds? Remember how Krivsky accused the Nats of pulling a fast one with respect to Majewski's ouchy right shoulder?

Those were the days, and Krivsky---nostalgic, middle reliever-loving simpleton that he is---desires us to relive them. He intends to file a much-threatened grievance over the matter:

"We've been doing our due diligence for a long time," Krivsky told the Post. "It's in the hands of our lawyers. When they feel comfortable that they've done everything possible and put it on paper so that it can be submitted all at one time, it will be submitted, and then it'll be in the hands of the Commissioner's office."

"It's in the hands of our lawyers." This is America, Wayne. We don't do things like that!

* * * *

All kidding aside, I spilled more than enough ink about this back in August. So refer to these posts if you wish:

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Also check out the modestly-titled "Wayne Krivsky Can Go to Hell" from Capitol Punishment.