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Other thoughts on "The Plan"

My apologies if the previous post proved confusing. As I said, it was stream of consciousness. Hopefully I communicated something understandable and cohesive, but . . . well, my words and thoughts aren't under warranty, so to speak.

I want to point out three posts on other blogs:

All three posts stand for the proposition that "building for the future" does not have to mean foregoing acquisitions today. The first post does so in the context of moderate free agent signings converting into compensatory draft picks the following season. The second post concerns the fact that everybody wants to improve the minors and, at any rate, an intention to build for the future does not ensure future success. The third post reiterates that the incessant focus on the 2008 season (what with the opening of the new stadium) does not mean 2007 needs to be totally punted.

At any rate, this appears to be pretty much academic. The Nats aren't buying into this market at all (or at least don't seem to be); who knows, maybe that's best. But I think these are interesting perspectives.

* * * *

If the Nats aren't going to build through free agency, the least they could do is swing some trades, especially this week. Will it happen? Again, who knows. notes a rumor the Nats could be an indirect player in Manny-mania:

General manager Jim Bowden would not talk about the trade possibilities, but baseball sources said the Nationals are talking to the Red Sox and Giants about a possible three-way deal that could send Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez to the Giants.

. . . The Nationals would want young prospects or Major Leaguers in return.

There is apparently a related rumor that links the Nats with San Francisco pitcher Noah Lowry. This rumor (traditional rumor caveats apply) has Chad Cordero going to the Red Sox. I don't know. But if Jim Bowden has his druthers, I'd imagine there's a deal out there to be swung. That's his game, dawg.

* * * *

There are even other ways to acquire guys---the Rule 5 Draft, for instance, which is coming up. Nats Farm Authority has some nice posts on the subject. As with many facets of the team's roster, I'm thinking the team's Rule 5 plans to a great extent have to anticipate whether Jose Vidro will be traded. If Vidro's gone, I could see some sort of infield backup coming along. If Vidro remains, however, the roster might be too crowded. Additionally, Rule 5 historically is not the place to find a starting pitcher (at least an immediate one), but bullpen help---like a lefty reliever---seems a possibility.