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Comical yet repetitious: Cristian Guzman's 2005

This one ought to be fun!

For reference, Guzman's past four seasons:

'02 623 .273 .292 .385 80 9  59
'03 534 .268 .311 .365 78 3  53
'04 576 .274 .309 .384 84 8  46
'05 456 .219 .260 .314 39 4  31

Speaking of which, who wants to sponsor his Baseball Reference page? It's only twenty bucks. What a deal!

Before, I advised you not to make projections with a mind toward trades involving the players being projected---in other words, to assume the guy plays the whole season as a Nat. Here, we have the potential for the reverse, in a sense, as Royce Clayton might sign with the Nats and aim to take away Guzman's offense.

Factor this into Guzman's projection, to the extent you believe the Clayton story will come to fruition. Treat it sort of like an injury. In fact, it would be like an injury---to the offense, at least. On the other hand, the status quo with Guzman is like a rabid middle linebacker at the Puppy Bowl to the offense . . .

As always, my projection will be in the comments. Fire away!