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Captain Chaste, fare thee well

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Nats Nation is enraptured in a crime saga that is, you might say, ripped from the headlines.

No such intrigue attaches itself to today's news that Jamey Carroll, lovable yet eminently replaceable, lost Jim Bowden's sloppy, deadly game of numbers.

The Nats now lack a good-natured, regular guy fan favorite. Or do they? Prescient, Orange, prescient.

Update [2006-2-11 18:4:28 by Basil]: In his simultaneous diary entry, Brian points out how the timing of this move and the Rasner thing, to use a colloquialism, don't make no sense. Also, check out Brian's National Farm Authority for profiles of all the recent filler acquisitions by the Nats, including the story of Kyle Denney, who has to be consider one of the more unlucky guys you'll ever come across.

Update [2006-2-12 20:22:2 by Basil]: Caleb from National Interest makes a couple of fascinating and fitting observations: 1) people love Jamey Carroll because he's a little guy, and 2) Carroll is Spade to Lecroy's Farley. Well, the second one breaks up a bit; hopefully Lecroy's not into the sniffy-sniff, and Carroll would never be as condescending as the real David Spade. Speaking of which, what's in your wallet?