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I'm losin' my mind
Cause I'm goin' crazy
Crazy, crazy, crazy

So I was just watching this made-up Olympic sport called snowboard cross, and I've gotta tell you it's wild, man. They call it "NASCAR on snow," but it's really something just short of Mutually Assured Destruction. In one of the quarterfinal heats, this American guy was running second (to another American guy, go figure---the doofus sports basically exist to spike our medal count), and some French jerk (go figure) tipped the back of his board during a jump. The American guy fish-tailed in mid-air and came down in a heap. The French guy, courteous as he was, managed not to kill the American guy as he passed by and scooted to a spot in the semis.

Perhaps instinctively, I imagined Jose Guillen was the American guy. Very quickly, the French guy suffered the same fate as Felix La PuBelle---except instead of being done in by a ballpoint pen, Guillen just bashed the guy's brains in, four bats at a time.

Anyway, Guillen's nuts, but he had a pretty nice '05; it was basically the same as his '04 once you adjust for the league and the home park. Sure, it would have been nice if he hadn't dropped 200 points of OPS in the second half, or if he hadn't hit a not-quite-robust .130/.253/.174 in September.

But at least he kept playing through the injuries; it means he's a man. Right?

Onward. What do you think? He's still not really all that healthy, and he's still something of a meltdown risk, I suppose. At the same time, he's now got a three-year track record of production:

YR    AB    AVG    OBP    SLG     R    HR    RBI
02    240    .238    .287    .367    25     8     31
03    485    .311    .359    .569    77    31     86
04    565    .294    .352    .497    88    27    104
05    551    .283    .338    .479    81    24     76

Well, give Guillen a whirl. Don't forget---RFK, everybody. Not that you could forget about it, of course. Jose himself won't let you.

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