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Jose: hale and hearty?

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Nationals second baseman Jose Vidro said his goal is to play 160 games in 2006. . . . This offseason, there was a debate on weather Vidro should have a second surgery on the knee. Dr. Tim Kremchek, the team's senior consultant, felt that Vidro needed a cleanup, while three other doctors -- James Andrews, Wiemi Douoguih and John Uribe -- felt that rest and exercise was all Vidro needed.

Rule of thumb: When James Andrews gives you advice, follow it.

It appears the three doctors were right. Vidro's knee is close to 100 percent.


Anyway, Vidro says he feels great---and, after dropping ten, apparently looks great, too. A common observation last season was that it looked like Vidro was playing heavy, so this is also good news.

What's this stuff about 160 games? For Vidro, it would be a career high. Honestly, I think most would be quite happy with 145-150 games and 600 or so plate appearances. But no one would object to 160 games, mind you.


In other news, the Nats agreed to minor league contracts with a boat load of rather insignificant hurlers, including Micah Bowie, a/k/a the latter day Kevin Coffman. Or maybe it was Lance Dickson.

Eh, who cares . . .