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Although I hate this term, it can be accurately stated that the current post "piggybacks" on the previous one:

We've got one massive bench. If the Nats weren't a baseball team, they could just about fill up the crew of an aircraft carrier. (Betcha Soriano would be the guy who insisted on doing the fly-byes.)

So . . . if Vidro is healthy all season, then that's . . . bad, in a way, because . . . Soriano still wants to play second, and . . . two guys can't play second at the same time, so . . .

Forget it. I'm taking one problem at a time here. Vidro's health is job one here. If he's healthy, some things can happen. He can be traded, or Soriano can be traded, or maybe---perhaps---Soriano will even slide to the outfield without whining too much.

Maybe. Perhaps.

This is no novel insight here, but much of my work day is spent contemplating how to triage issues. And tonight I'm thinking Vidro's health is the one to tackle before the others can really fall into place.