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The Federalist Recommends . . .

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Drinking . . . lots and lots of drinking

Then wake up, hit the orange juice or coffee or MLB-prohibited amphetemines, review what happened today, take a look at tonight's news, as well as the inevitable blustery Seligulan reponse, and reason yourself into the confidence that this really isn't the end.


It isn't.

It might not be pretty; as Ballwonk notes, it might even get ugly or comical, depending on your perspective.

Okay---uglier and more comical, no matter your perspective.

Still, let's sleep on it.

In the meantime, start making your Ryan Zimmerman predictions. We'll get to them tomorrow.

[editor's note, by Basil] Tonight's drinks are dedicated to Yuda, David, Rocket, Chris, Miss Chatter, J4, Brian, Scott, and anyone else you can think of. They're on me, fellas. Bill me or something.