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Insert Picture of Ballpark Here

Just in case you've never, you know, seen the drawing before.
Nice, isn't it? I like water. Boats, too. (Thanks,

According to the Associated Press:

Plans are moving forward to begin construction on a new ballpark for the Washington Nationals.

Mayor Anthony Williams will publicly unveil the much anticipated design of the stadium Tuesday.

I don't know where this unveiling will take place, but since I live and work in Richmond, I figure that's more your problem than mine. Unless you also aren't in DC, in which case we can all laugh at the people who are in DC, as they try to figure out where to go for this unveiling.

At any rate, I suppose it doesn't matter; if Mayor Bowtie wants you to come to the unveiling, he'll probably send an invite (how about a snazzy e-vite?) or at least tell you where it is.

By the way, I've said it before and I'll say it again: in these days of shameless and awkward corporate names for stadia, I recommend Old Navy Yard. It's shameless, of course, but it's not in the least awkward. In fact, it kind of has that pleasing double-meaning (only one-half corporate) shared by places like the United Center, Turner Field, the Fleet Center (RIP), and U.S. Cellular Field.

Well, maybe not one of those, but I won't say which . . .

In a final observation---not the least bit original---I'll note that Philly could have had two of the best-named parks of the modern (i.e., corporate shill) era, in Lincoln Field and Citizens Park. But they sold out (or the naming sponsors did) and added "Financial" and "Bank," respectively, to the names. Kind of killed the historical and municipally-appreciative awareness.