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Here's the ballpark, guys

Looks like Soriano is guarding the line.(

The big-wigs unveiled some renderings for Old Navy Yard today, and thanks be to Nikon, MissChatter was there. She provided a fascinating summary of today's events and snapped some choice shots to boot. Speaking of which, how on earth did Peter Griffin manage to interview Tony Tavares?

My initial take of what the ballpark sort of will look like? It reminds me of my golf game: frustrating and rife with the same flaws as countless times before, but ultimately something I love because I'd rather be nowhere else.

I mean, the upper deck(s) encircling the foul lines is too high and too far away, but most of the new parks feature this annoyance; why would it change with Washington's park? There's the hokey "ballpark district" stuff, but again---name a new ballpark that doesn't have one, and have it as a justification for the park itself, at that. Then there's the pointless, illogically circular, and plainly homely restaurant inside the ballpark's footprint.

Eh, I'm being too negative. It'll be great. And, for whatever this is worth, it will look smashing from outside the stadium.

Good show. Now build it.

Update [2006-3-14 23:46:59 by Basil]: Comcast SportsNet aired various interview clips of Tony Tavares tonight, and in one of them he said something rather curious (slightly paraphrased, from memory): "I'm a traditionalist. I wouldn't have designed the ballpark like this, but if the new owner likes it, then that's good."