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Federal Baseball World Domination Tour, 2006

And it begins.

Longtime readers might recall that I appeard on a few podcasts last season. Truth be told, I liked doing them; I'm pretty comfortable with public speaking (which this essentially is, although sort of in a delayed sense), and I like talking about baseball. It's a good combination. I can't really vouch for the results, but I enjoy coming on and chatting it up.

Last night, I made my first podcast appearance of '06 on Without a Curse, a show hosted by Alex "The Blogging Phenom" Reimer, of whom you might be familiar. Last June, Alex appeared on the same show as me; since then, he's appeared on The Tonight Show. Six of one, one-half-dozen of the other, you know?

Anyway, Alex was gracious enough to have me on, and here's a link to our conversation. You'll notice that it's not a Nats-centric discussion; instead, I was on to provide a preview of the National League East. I thought about picking the Nats to win, but my dreams don't even dream that the Nats will capture the flag.

All in all, it probably wasn't my best appearance, but that's not on Alex in the least. He was smooth, had a handle on the technical stuff, and was quite professional. Give it a listen, if you've got the time.