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(Com)casting aspersions

Nationals Pride organized a put-the-pressure-on-Comcast rally near RFK Stadium, and District of Baseball was there to cover it, with pictures to boot.

Most interestingly, DoB Jeff noted:

[Congressman Tom] Davis thanked Cox for agreeing to carrying MASN after "long and protracted" negotiations even though it is not a "money winner" for the cable company. "It's time for Major League Baseball to step in on this and resolve this dispute because the fans are suffering," he said. He followed that with perhaps the most controversial statement of the afternoon: "We're going to continue to look into this at the Congressional level if we can't get some movement here."

In the brief Q&A session after the speeches, a reporter asked what Davis had in mind. Could Congress force Comcast to carry MASN? "We may go to hearings at this point" and try to bring the sides together, but he said there was no legislation planned to try and force the issue. Still, "Comcast and Major League Baseball have a lot of things pending on the Hill... good relations are important for all the parties concerned. Maybe a public airing where everybody explains their position can bring them together."

On a related note, I anticipate posting an interview conducted with MASN spokesman Todd Webster in the coming days.