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Washington Nationals (2-8) at Florida Marlins (2-6)

Game No. 11: April 14, 7:35 pm; MASN/WDCA, WTWP, XM 189
Ryan Drese (0-1, 2.25) vs. Dontrelle Willis (0-1, 1.38)

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Fish Stripes

The Nats play the Fightin' Fish tonight. I don't mean to sound high on the hog, because their team actually has a better record, technically speaking, than our team, but the truth of the matter is that I don't know much about these guys. Hanley Ramirez was a top prospect for the Red Sox, and Mike Jacobs went all Kevin Maas at the end of last season for the Mets. There's some guy named Uggla, and Pokey Reese would have been there, too, but he retired.

A few days ago, Pete over at Donutball profiled some of these fresh-faced tadpoles, including none other than Dan Uggla. Do check it out.

Also, Fish Stripes is a great blog and a valuable Marllins-related resource. That's where I learned that Roberto Duran is throwing out the first pitch tonight.

Nat at Bat: Ryan Drese

Not one Nats' starter has pitched into the seventh inning yet this season. I don't think Drese is going to break this string at ten, but we'll see. When was the last time in this franchise's history (Expos and Nats, combined) that it went ten games without a starter pitching into the seventh? Well, I've checked as far back as 1986, and it's never happened. I don't think I'll dig any deeper, come to think of it.