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Lucky thirteen

Washington Nationals (3-9) at Florida Marlins (3-7)

Game No. 13: April 16, 1:05 pm; MASN, WTWP, XM 183
Ramon Ortiz (0-2, 8.18) vs. Sergio Mitre (1-1, 3.75)

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Fish Stripes

BANG! ZOOM! Thank goodness for John Patterson.

This win has left me pretty much speechless; well, the brevity is really attributable to a crunch for time this morning, but I prefer the more dramatic interpretation. As an aside, Frank Robinson was quoted as saying:

"With us right now, you can give us 20 walks and it'll still be a 2-1 or 3-2 game," Robinson said.

I'd love to test that theory.

Nat at Bat: Bud Selig.

He's technically a Nat. And his preference for Team Lernersten isn't exactly being guarded vigilantly by the sentinel of suppression. From Newsday's Jon Heyman:

A pairing of Washington real estate mogul Ted Lerner - not to be confused with Ted Turner - and former Braves bigwig Stan Kasten, who worked with Turner, are the new favorites to win the Washington Nationals. The other finalists are the Fred Malek/Jeff Zients group, and ex-Mariners owner Jeff Smulyan's group.

Kasten is a personable New Yorker who had a big part in building the Braves dynasty. But he has some different ideas, one being to remove agents from the game. He's said he doesn't believe player compensation should be based on the skill level of his agent. (In other words, he thinks some agents are too smart for some executives - he's right about that.)

On the Washington ownership front, Selig has been the functional equivalent of a third base coach who refuses to wave Joey Gathright home even though the ball is resting at the top of Tal's Hill and the opposing team's relay chain is Johnny Damon-to-Bernie Williams-to-a cracked statue of Caligula.

Hey, Bud? I think it's safe to wave 'em in.