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Right here!

Okay, maybe not. Anyway, I'm going to take the next few days off from blogging. No overwrought commentary. No banal gameday posts. No failed attempts at humor. In short, it'll be tough for you, but you'll survive.

In the meantime, with respect to Nats-related stuff, you know where to go. In addition, check out a new feature here, a newsfeed courtesy of It's on the left sidebar, and consider it a supplement to the outstanding news recaps from some and the timely and incisive analysis from others. If it has a weakness, it's that it doesn't track William Blake's comings and goings; you'll have to keep clicking on Distinguished Senators for that. Also, the Nats are playing the Phillies and the Braves during that time, so check out the Federally Baseballed-approved blogs of those teams on my sidebar (Good Phight, Talking Chop, Balls Sticks & Stuff---plus Braves Journal, not on the sidebar, which is also very good).

Anyway, I'll be around but won't be writing unless something monumental between now and Sunday night provokes me to do so. Until then, please feel free to make a diary submission and talk amongst yourselves here and at the usual places.

I do want to let you know that, on my return, I intend to start a feature I planned awhile ago (back at my old blog) but never executed: a weekly book review series. I figure this series is best served on the weekends, since that's the light part of the blogging week. So, every Sunday, expect a new review to be posted. Several of the first ones are already in the can, so to speak, either partly or completely. It's just a matter of posting them.

Here's the beginning of the schedule I've planned:

April 23: The Last Nine Innings by C. Euchner

April 30: National Pastime by B. Svrluga

May 7: The Rise and the Fall of the Press Box by L. Koppett

May 14: License to Deal by J. Crasnick

May 21: Mind Game by "A Team of Baseball Experts"

May 28: Where's Harry? by S. Stone

June 4: Steppin' Up by A. Belth

I'll update the schedule at I approach the end of this first list. Additionally, when time permits, I'll toss in grouped mini-reviews of older or otherwise less timely books that are still worth a mention, such as Summer of '49, October 1964. That type of thing. It's where I'll also catch up on the Bill James.

Basically, I own a lot of baseball books, and I've somehow managed to read a lot of those. This is my way of conveying what I think about those books, at least before my memory of them grows stale.