Basil's going to revoke my password...

...because this is going to be back-to-back stale diaries for me.

But I seem to remember in January/February or so a round of off the cuff predictions.  Well, here are mine on the record.

1. Atlanta Braves
I'm 29 years old.  The Braves have been winning the pennant for roughly half of my life. Consecutively. I'd call that a pretty strong trend.
2. NY Mets (WC)
They look great on paper. But don't be surprised if they stumble. It seems whenever the Mets look great on paper, they underachieve.
3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Washington Nationals
Like last year, pitching should be pretty good (thank you RFK). Also like last year, runs will be few (screw you RFK).
5. Florida Marlins
Nice all-star Triple A team.

1. St. Louis Cardinals
After Pujols, you have an old Edmonds, a recovering Rolen, a feisty Eckstein, and some questions. But love that pitching.
2. Milwaukee Brewers
I'm officially buying into this team.
3. Chicaco Cubs
Great line-up. Blue Cross pitching staff.
4. Pittsburgh Pirates
With all the attention going to the Brew Crew, don't forget about these guys. They've got some nice players who have been together for awhile.
5. Houston Astros
Crash & burn.
6. Cincinnati Reds
Move those fences back. If the pitching staff can surprise, this is a dark horse for a wild card. A very, very dark horse.

1. Arizona Diamondbacks
Call it a gut feeling.
2. LA Dodgers
I like the pitching. But I don't love it. Same with the line-up.
3. San Diego Padres
Line up is good-ish. Love Peavy, love Hoffman. Hate everything in between. What happened to this pitching staff?
4. SF Giants
This team should be sponsored by Pampers. Seems like every player is a baby or ready for a nursing home.
5. Colorado Rockies
Wouldn't really be shocked if they play .500 ball for most of the season.

AL East
1. Toronto Blue Jays
Yes, I'm impressed by their core group of guys and off-season additions. But believe it or not, I mostly have them here because of how I feel about the two marquee teams...
2. NY Yankees
Nice line-up. Horrible bench. It's the other way around with the pitching. Nice bullpen. Unimpressive rotation.
3. Boston Red Sox
Every pitcher is either at the end of their career or injury prone. Hideous infield. Just hideous. I mean, wow.
4. Baltimore Orioles
Ok line-up. Decent rotation that will only get better. But the bullpen is what it is.
5. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
I keep hearing how this is the year the Rays turn the corner into respectability. Why exactly?

AL Central
1. Chicago White Sox
Defending champs got better in the offseason.
2. Cleveland Indians (WC)
Probably the second best team in the AL
3. Detroit Tigers
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think these guys would win the West and contend in the East.
4. Minnesota Twins
I don't like what I'm seeing here
5. KC Royals
Made some quasi-decent pick ups during the winter. Kind of like dressing a 60 year old hooker up in a Easter dress though.

AL West
1. Texas Rangers
I love this line-up & I'm very impressed with how they actually made an effort and succeeded in improving their pitching. I'm actually shocked no one seems to notice how good they could be. Shocked I tell you.
2. LA Angels
Will battle it out with Texas down to the wire.
3. Oakland A's
It seems like everywhere I look, they're being listed as one of the top 5 teams in baseball. Um...ok.
4. Seattle Mariners
They'll at least be better than they've been the last couple of years.

Cleveland over St. Louis

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