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Sir, we've analyzed their attack, and there is a danger

Despite GW grad Mike O'Connor's sterling success* last night, perhaps the Nats have caught the Cardinals' batting order, particularly the bottom of it, at the wrong time. From Viva el Birdos:

cardinal bats have just completed their best week of the season --.299 avg / .380 obp / .464 slug going back to last friday (the opener against the cubs), with 39 runs scored (avg 5.6/game). the runs have come in a steady stream, too -- at least 3 in each contest. the spurt has lifted the cardinals to 5th in the nl in scoring; they're also 5th in obp and 6th in slugging.

pujols and edmonds have gotten the big hits, but what's made the difference in the offense has been production in the 6, 7, and 8 slots. the first two weeks of the year, they hit a combined .234 with a .285 obp -- even with the scorching starts by miles and luna in the 8 hole. over the last week, the card down-order batters hit an aggregate .305 with a .382 obp, thanks mainly to so taguchi and scott spiezio.

Another fine Cardinals blog, Cardinals Diaspora, has paid the Nats . . . well, a singular honor. Of sorts. That's right, gang: The Nats are the first subject of CD's "Coveting Thy Neighbor's Ass" feature. The subject? Need you ask? Why, it's Cristian Guzman!

Helluva good choice there, Sir Diaspora.

Other nominated asses: Jose Guillen; Jim Bowden.

*Okay, okay . . .