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Talking Head

On this morning's Cold Pizza, ESPN2 baseball analyst Jim Bowden had some choice things to say about the Washington Nationals' pitching depth:

"[The Nationals are] just in a pitching nightmare. . . . [They] need a [fill-in] starter for [Thursday]. [They] need a starter for Sunday. [Their] ERA's over 5. We can talk about all the problems of this team; [but]you have to pitch."

The astute viewer could discern Bowden's tone was something at the intersection of accusatory, sarcastic, and baffled:

"You're supposed to have those problems in August and September. . . . You're not supposed to have them the first month of the year. But you've got to weather the storm."

Bowden, however, chose not to blame the general manager of the Nats, the man who put the team's pitching staff together. That's reasonable enough; there have been injuries and stuff. Bowden knows it's not that guy's fault.

Update [2006-4-28 7:35:16 by Basil]: Capitol Punishment provides a different take; Chris is apoplectic over Bowden's refusal to blame these problems on the GM of the Nats.