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Times are changin', everyday . . . {insert rest of "227" theme song}

Before the start of tonight's game, I was going to devote a post on how fickle writing blog posts can be. As it turned out, I didn't have time to write it, but here's a sneak peak: I try to be somewhat temperate about things---not too high, not too low, sometimes do so in either direction mainly for effect---but I think I mainly fail in that regard. Just check out the archives, the recent posts, the recaps of the last two games: Good! followed by Bad!

Presumably, I am not alone among bloggers in this regard, but my perspective seems to shift a tremendous amount based on the tenor of the previous game:

  • Another close loss. This team is so frustrating! And, it's a shame, because the pieces are there for something better. Really, they are!
  • Sheesh, what a wipeout. I'm not even sure half of these players are potty-trained. Hell, look at the wet spot seaping into Rodriguez's crotch! And they pitch this guy! They play Clayton?! What a no-talent, piece-of-crap team!
  • Solid win. The offense was really humming, and tonight's starter was really good. This team can put it together, maybe turn things around some. The situation is not as bleak as the record would suggest.
  • What a thrilling win! Granted, there might not be a lot of them this year, but the guys have some talent and when they play hard, smart baseball like this . . .
You get the drift. These kind of reactions are natural, but ultimately they lack perspective. One game might be a sign of something, but more likely, it's merely a single game. Who knows if it'll carry over to tomorrow? Who knows if two straight good (or bad) games mean anything? And so forth.

Baseball season isn't football season. Baseball has a long season. Temperance, observation, and deduction are highly valued when you are following baseball.

Well, I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, except to say that tonight's game likely provoked every conceivable day-after blogging storyline. Just pick an arbitrary moment in the past hour or so, and you get a different instant evaluation:

  • The bats stink!
  • Frustratingly close to success!
  • LONGBALL!!!!
  • Man, are we lucky to have a guy like the Chief!
  • Great, great win!
  • Oh. . . . The bullpen
And so forth.

I suppose we should just forget this game. It doesn't mean much.

Or, I suppose, it says everything.