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Federal Register, May 12

  • A couple weeks ago, when the story was embroiled in speculation and anticipation and back-biting, I wrote that we would never get the straight dope on whether Bret Haber had acquired a real scoop or not with this report about the Lerners---that was a hot name and, more importantly, there had been a whole lot more noise than signal, so to speak, on the subject of ownership of the Washington Nationals. This article in the Washington City Paper explores the story's strange dynamic and reviews the Haber-George Michael cold war of words that played out. (Michael would report that "a TV station's report" was "ERRONEOUS.")

    At the risk of being too frank, I'll note that Michael comes across as a bitter, old tool. Just as notably, Michael is now trying to bootstrap the attention Haber has received for his "scoop":

    As if Michael hadn't dug himself in too deep already, when Commissioner Bud Selig confirmed on May 3 that the Lerner group was in fact chosen, the Channel 4 sportscaster chose not to put down the shovel. Rather than praise Haber or apologize or just report dryly that the Lerners were in, Michael went live from the new owners' press conference at the Fairmont Hotel ballroom and insinuated that he was the first guy in the market to name the winner--and that he'd reported it more than a year ago.

    "A fair question will be for Bud Selig: Why did it take a year and a month to make the official announcement, when way back in April of 2005 everybody said that Stan Kasten will be the president and the Lerners will be the owners?" Michael said.

    I can't say with any authority what Michael was reporting back in April 2005, but if you believe a BPG forum denizen, this is what Michael was reporting in September 2005:

    As George Michael just said on 4:

    "Just give the team to Malek and move on."

    But I'm sure---in Michael's reality, of course---he then added, "Although we've known since April the team will go to Lerner."

  • Brian Schneider is still hobbled with a tender hamstring, reports Schneider seems to indicate he can play, but Frank Robinson doesn't desire any further aggravation of the injury.
  • The Post explores Livan Hernandez's struggles. A scout claims Hernandez's knee is hobbling him. Pitching coach Randy St. Clair, however, says he has viewed the video evidence and believes the problem is not physical/mechanical, but a matter of confidence. There are reports, though, that Hernandez's velocity has dipped this year. What would be the explanation for that?
  • Also reported by the Post: Stan Kasten will meet with Jim Bowden. However, the report says nearly nothing else.