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Prediction (alternate title: Peter Graves would do better)

A quick Saturday post, quickened by Saturday night exigencies:

Buck sez Danny Graves, just designated for assignment by the Tribe, finds his way to RFK. He is an ex-Red, after all.

Update [2006-5-13 21:28:24 by Basil]: Daedalus simul-posted a diary while I was typing this. She sees Graves as potentially replacing Eischen. Considering that Ebola would be an upgrade over Eischen in the bullpen, I would support Graves' presence in place of him. Of course, I'd much prefer a competent pitcher, but . . .

* * * *

Ex-Nat (if only fleetingly) report: Chris Booker, who was briefly in the Nationals' organization, then lost in some Rule 5-related shenanigans, made his big league debut today, for the Kansas City Royals. It was not tremendously successful:

IP      H       ER      BB      SO      HR
1       5       6       3       0       3

Book it.