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If the Nats host the Astros, then . . .

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. . . no Milo Hamilton on XM Radio.

Even if the Nats lose 100 games this season, we'll always have the tiny blessings.

* * * *

The Nats and Astros start a four-game set at RFK, well, right about now. Rastronomicals, the proprietor of the Federally-approved Crawfish Boxes, has posted a Win Probability Added Smackdown. Among eleven "positions" compared, Houston holds a slight advantage, six-to-five. Of particular interest is the "fourth outfielder" suck-it-up contest. Good ol' "Community Service," Preston Wilson, is winning; he's sucking more than our hobbled tough guy, Jose Guillen (nearly three times more, actually).

* * * *

Tonight, we will witness an epic encounter between Zach Day and Wandy Rodriguez. You might remember that, on April 10, Wandy limited the Nats to three runs in seven innings.

* * * *

PS: They're a bit befuddled why Ryan Church is in Double-A.

PPS: Damian Jackson is starting in center. Now they're scared.

* * * *

Update [2006-5-22 19:18:5 by Basil]: Houston pops in with a field goal in the first. Blasted Lance Berkman---rather, blasted Zach Day.

* * * *

Update [2006-5-22 19:20:48 by Basil]: The apparent reason for Alex Escobar's absence from the lineup is due to a bad hammy . . . injurlicious! If you had "fewer then forty-eight hours" in the pool, then . . .