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In which three becomes four?

On the one hand, the Nats have won three-in-a-row and five-out-of-six. On the other hand, it would take sweeping the Dodgers, sweeping the Phillies, sweeping the Brewers, and taking the first against the Braves to reach the .500 mark.

First things first, eh?

The Dodgers come to RFK smokin' hot, winners of seven straight. Brett Tomko, a target of Jim Bowden's offseason of C-starter dreams, is 5-1, 3.21, with his new club. For more on the Dodgers, check out the Federally-approved TrueBlueLA and the always-excellent Dodger Thoughts.

Opposing Tomko will be a perhaps-revitalized Livan Hernandez. And be sure to say hello to his battery mate, the rejuvenated and hopefully non-complacent Brian Schneider.