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Tony "Sasuke" Armas delivers his first pitch.
Matt Lecroy (off-screen) awaits to receive it.

Journal Entry, May 26:

Yesterday was pretty good. Here's an example. During band class, Ryan dropped his trombone on his foot. It hit his pinky toe. He said it hurt. But it didn't look too bad. He was crying. That got me mad. It was just his pinky toe! I told him to be a man and play in pain. But he couldn't blow into the trombone because he was still crying. So teacher sent Ryan back to intermediate band. That was good.

Then after school I rode my bike to Phil's house. We're playing a 25 game Baseball Stars league. No power-ups allowed. It's fun. When we started the league we agreed to no power ups. That makes things tough sometimes. Like, I have this guy named "Matt." He's 5-8-0-1. That means he has 5 hitting, 8 batting, 0 speed and 1 defense. That means he can hit a little bit and has pretty good power. But the 0 speed means he can't run, the 1 defense means he can't really play defense.

I don't know where to play Matt because my first baseman "Nick" is pretty good. So I mostly use Matt as a pinch hitter. But yesterday I wanted to play him at catcher. So I did.

Phil likes the fast teams. He steals lots of bases. So yesterday's game really sucked because Lecroy's got a sucky arm.

Sorry Mrs. Lerner, I won't use that word again.

Anyway Phil's guys stole seven bases against Matt. The ball would like bloop in the air when he'd throw it, then it would bounce like twice before it got to second. I got so frustrated! I started crying! I had to take out Matt finally.

But I won anyway! Ha ha!

I hope you liked my journal, Mrs. Lerner.