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Something's got to give (but nobody might care)

The Washington Nationals are 1-9 at home; the Pittsburgh Pirates are 2-15 on the road. Tonight, at RFK Stadium, the Nats host the Buccos in the beginning of a three-game weekend series.

The Pirates did their annual mediocre veteran shopping this past winter, and the results have not exactly been stupendous so far. Sean Casey, the new first baseman, is on the 15-day disabled list. Joe Randa, the new third baseman, is hitting a Guzmanic .221/.247/.312. Jeromy Burnitz, the new power threat, is hitting .204/.239/.389.

That's a lot of pointlessness there.

If we did not appreciate the need to avoid underestimating our opponent before the Florida series, however, we might be in for a rude awakening again. The Pirates may be 8-22, but I don't see the Nats walking right over them, for the simple reason that the DC nine just aren't that good---and won't be until the pitching stabilizes and the batting order regains its first week synergy.

So respect the Buccos, my friends. They might just take two-out-of-three in this series. Read up on the Pirates via Bucs Dugout. Charlie does a fine job over there.

Don't respect the Pirates too much, though. As Charlie notes (more like laments), the Pirates continually try to marginalize Craig Wilson, who happens to be one of their best hitters. Makes sense, right?

* * * *

Wiggins from Fish Stripes was at RFK the other night, and it would appear a good time was had by all. The best part? Hilariously convenient amnesia by some old-school Nats fans:

I sat right in front of four older gentlemen (all at least seventy, I would say) who had been baseball fans and amateur players since they were kids. They talked knowledgably and appreciatively about the game, throughout. They cracked my ass up - including one guy yelling at his friends - "When the hell did you start coming to games and NOT drinking beer! What's a baseball game without beer!?!?!" The coolest part was that these guys remembered all the old senators players and also knew all the Nats - although they had to ask me what Christian Guzman's name was. Frankly, if I was a Nats fan, I'd try and forget him, too.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to forget Guzman. Generally speaking, Royce Clayton sees to that.