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Everything you ever wanted to know about MASN/Comcast but were afraid to ask . . .

My friends, there is comprehensive---and then there is this, MissChatter's exploration into the murky, seedy, and extensively Bates labeled world of Comcast v. MASN, MASN v. Comcast.

Sometimes there is so much to say that there's not much to say; by viewing quite a few relevant documents and conveying what they say, MissChatter has made the "so much" not as hard to communicate.

A Cliff's Notes version:

1. Comcast's claim in Maryland state court has proven to be rather weak.
2. TCR d/b/a "MASN" has requested the Federal Communications Commissions to do something that is apparently rather unprecedented.

* * * *

In other television news (though not Nats-related), expect to see less of Skip and Pete and Don and Joe and Chip and Biff and Bozo and Stan and . . . on Braves' telecasts. Fox Sports Net has acquired Turner South, which means that FSN South's comparatively underpopulated team of Bob Rathbun and Jeff Torborg will replace the TBS announcing hydra on dozens and dozens of games. Well, that's not entirely correct; the move spells the end for the TBS gang on Turner South games, but they'll still be on the TBS telecasts---which, if you haven't noticed, have declined from Like every single night a generation ago to Hey, why doesn't TBS show baseball anymore? nowadays.

So it won't affect most of us reading this blog---except, I should note, our buddy BamaNat, who hails from Calera, Al., part of the FSN South/Turner South territory.