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"W" with extra curl

Great win. Really, really great. Improbably great.

I was mainly listening in the car in between errands. And I must have had a lot of errands to run, because this game took three hours and fifty-one minutes. When I got in the car after the last errand, I heard Charlie Slowes screaming about Guillen. Initially, I thought it was the "Meet Jose Guillen" ad. You know, "He hits" (but not much this year), "He throws" (when he hasn't been injured)---one of those emotionally teasing things.

Then I looked at the screen on my XM:

NYY 9 WAS 10
BOT 8th

Off Mariano Rivera, to boot.

Almost makes you wish "Bang! Zoom!" weren't so diluted by overuse. It really applied here.