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Rueckel Report: Welcome Back (to Metairie) Edition

Those familiar with my old blog no doubt remember that I tracked the performance of a relief pitcher in the organization, Danny Rueckel, last season. (Updates can be found on the right sidebar of the old blog.)

I wrote a 2005 seasonal wrap-up post over here, but I haven't really followed either of the two pitchers I planned on tracking during the offseason: GW alum Mike O'Connor and Rueckel. Obviously, in the case of O'Connor, it's been nearly impossible not to notice him; however, with Rueckel, I haven't spent as much time as I should have in tracking his progress. Or, in fact, any time at all.

But Baby Ruckles (so named by a reader, who misheard the muffled RFK sound system during last year's exhibition game versus the Mets), coming off a disappointing '05 campaign on the whole (following an excellent 2004, when he finished the year as the organization's No. 12 prospect), is turning things around. He was recently promoted from Double-A Harrisburg to Triple-A New Orleans, and now Poppa Rueckel has stopped by (as he did last season) with the message that Rueckel is "[b]eing tenatious and working hard."

That's all I need; I'm inspired again. It's going to take a bit of doing, but with an excellent showing at New Orleans, Grand Master Ruckus could pave his way for a September call-up once rosters expand. (I know---that would take making it back on the 40-man roster, and you can't risk losing Kenny Kelly, for gosh sake.)

At Harrisburg, Rueckel did what Rueckel does:

  • excellent control;
  • keep the ball in the yard;
  • nothing overpowering, but strike out his fair share.
In sum, here were his numbers upon his promotion:
G  GS  IP  H  BB  K  HR  W  L  ERA
19 2 36 38 9 30 2 3 2 3.25

And now Rueckel has made two scoreless appearances for New Orleans:

Next report will come next week. Until then, check out Nats Farm Authority for all of your Nats minor league needs.