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You only live twice

I was going to post earlier with predictions as to: 1) what the Nats' lineup will be tonight, and 2) what will be the outcomes of the first Nats at-bats for Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns.

But here we are, and the lineup's already been posted:

Player    Pos
Soriano 7
Lopez 6
Vidro 4
Kearns 8
Johnson 3
Zimmerman 5
Guillen 9
Schneider 2
Ortiz 1

Keep in mind that the Buccos are starting a lefty, Zach Duke.

As for the results of the first at-bats, I'm predicting:

  • Lopez: Grounder to short
  • Kearns: Fly to left-center.
Whatever the result---whether predicted or not---I think we can all agree that the outcome does not necessarily predict future results. As I recall, Preston Wilson homered in his first Natty at-batty in Milwaukee.

* * * *

The Marlon Byrd Era and the Brandon Watson Era ended simultaneously today---the latter rather more permanently than the former. Watson was claimed off waivers by (heh) the Cincinnati Reds, while Byrd was designated for assignment and cleared waivers. He's headed back to New Orleans. More (and more transactions, including a particularly distasteful one) from Nats Farm Authority.

Now that we're on the subject of displaced outfielders, everybody say hola to Luis Matos, who was recently let go by the (Baltimore) Orioles. Capitol Punishment provides a Matos-Byrd side-by-side. Matos is a flyhawk in center, but is injury-prone, slump-prone, and (according to past reporters) bad-attitude-prone. All that said---and keeping in mind that we're all a bit desensitized when it comes to toolsy outfielders---I'd say he's worth a shot.