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Fifty-seven additional games in this uniform . . .

. . . or perhaps more?

So it's official: Soriano remains. For now? For good? Who knows?

I'll have more---much, much more---to say about this eventful non-event later. For now, I suppose a relevant discussion question is whether we are supposed to trust:

  • the team's management; or,
  • the professional rumor-people.
I don't know whom to trust. However, I suppose I should trust the Nats' management. And so I will. And, if you believe Bodes and Kasten, then it seems likely that holding on made some sense. (Alternatively, if you believe the reporters, gossipers, and analysts, then Bowden looks pretty foolish.)

At any rate, to go around and around and around, and to submit to this nerve-wracking process, and to bite the figurative nails to bits over this . . . and: 1) I guess that's the price of fandom, and 2) I'm pretty okay with this.

More later.